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La spiaggia si raggiunge attraversando la pinetaThe Campsite Riva dei Butteri takes its name from the closeness to the sea, whose shore (it. riva) is characterized by a wide and long sand beach and by the riding herdsman, the so called Butteri, whose job was to "shield" the cattle, in other words to look after, to follow, to guard and to accompany entire herds of the Maremman cattle and horses that were living in a wild state, to brand them in order to prevent theft. It is narrated that in 1890 the butteros of the Duke Castani di Sermoneta challenged with complete satisfaction of victory the most known and expert herdsman of Buffalo Bill's crew, on tour in Rome. 

Embedded in a park of acacia trees, the campsite Riva dei Butteri is extending over a flat carpet of green grass, which simply makes him unique in the area. 
The long and beautiful white sand beach is only 100mt away and can be reached, walking through a thriving, adjoining pine forest that characterizes the whole coast.
The structure, besides the plane pitches that are ideal for any type of equipment, is supplied with electricity of a maximum of 3 ampere.
It is also equipped with confortable bungalow in insulated wood that can accommodate up to five people.
The life in the campsite is well organized and offers besides the usual basic services (bar, mini-market, restaurant, pizzeria) also additional services that will make this type of holiday always more comfortable. 

These services are for example: only breakfast, half board or full board; two barbecue spots to make barbecues with own equipment.
Small and medium size dogs allowed.

The parking area (excluded for those cars feed with LPG) is within the campsite and is marked off in a special area that is separated from the pitches.